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What is the typical cost of a DEXA bone densitometer?

Bone densitometers (DEXA) can vary widely in cost, depending on the features and capabilities of the machine. Basic new densitometers start at around $40,000, while high-end machines can cost upwards of $150,000.

As you can see that’s a fairly broad range. Costs can vary widely depending on the software features of the machine. Refurbished systems will vary in price based on age of the machine, software features and overall costs incurred by the ISO.

Generally speaking, entry-level or older DEXA systems are more likely to run older versions of Windows such as Windows XP or even Windows NT.

Newer equipment tends to run more current versions of Windows and typically comes with more capable software. In many cases, newer machines may have additional features such as Visceral Fat Assessment, Fracture Detection, etc.
New Vs Refurbished

If cost is a consideration, you may want to reach out to us to learn about our current inventory. You can be certain that we won’t sell any equipment that is not up to par.

Dexa Solutions works with Dozens/hundreds of medical facilities throughout the U.S. Quite often these facilities contact us to replace their used equipment with a newer model.

In many cases, their existing equipment may only be a few years old and typically have been very well maintained, often by us!

From time to time, we may purchase this equipment for refurbishment, whereby the equipment undergoes rigorous testing and where necessary parts are replaced. Generally speaking, the physical machine itself is in good to great condition.

There are only a few key components such as the X-ray tube, cabling and of course the computer itself.
Dexa Solutions also provides a 12 month warranty on all units we sell so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in the unlikely event of a system failure. Long-term service contracts are also available at a discount when purchasing a refurbished DEXA from DEXA Solutions.

Finally, due to OEM production backlogs currently as long as one year, Dexa Solutions can have your Bone Densitometry Machine installed in as little as 4 weeks.

Keep in mind that the true cost of ownership extends beyond the cost of the machine itself, densitometry examinations also require special training for the technologist who will be operating it.

When considering the cost of a bone densitometer, it is important to consider not only the price of the machine, but also the cost of training and maintenance.

Dexa Solutions can help with that as well! Feel free to check out our training and certifications pages for more info.
If we can be of assistance, please give us a call at (866) 869.8063 


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