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Equipment Moves

Remodeling your office? Moving to a New Location? Sold your GE Lunar Bone Densitometer to another facility?

DEXA Solutions has the expertise to accomodate your relocation needs!

Room To Room Relocation
This type of relocation involves moving the scanner within the same building.  If the scanner needs to be relocated within the same room this can be done without disassembling the system.  However, all of the necessary recalibration tests should be performed per manufacturer specifications.  If the scanner needs to be moved from one room to another, or from one suite to another, this typically requires fully disassembling the scanner, reassembling the scanner in its new location, and then performing all of the required calibration tests. 

Local Relocation
This type of relocation involves moving the scanner from one building to another within the same city.  In order to properly transport the scanner it must be disassembled and reassembled at its new location.  This too would require a complete set of calibration tests to be performed. 

Extended Relocation 
If you have a need to relocate your densitometer to another city or state DEXA Solutions can accomodate that request as well.  The same procedures would be followed as a local relocation. 

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