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Are you currently in the market to purchase a used Bone Density Machine?

How to Shop for Used Preowned Dexa Equipment

You may find it interesting to know that DEXA Solutions is not in the business of refurbishing and selling used Bone Density Machines. However, we do provide a unique service for our customers. The Bone Density Machines that you find listed for sale on this website are owned and operated by private facilities. These facilities have approached DEXA Solutions to assist them with selling their Bone Density Machine.

Why should you consider buying a Bone Density Machine from one of these private sellers?

It is likely you will save a considerable amount of money when purchasing a Bone Density Machine from a private seller versus the manufacturer or a refurbishing company.

The expert Field Engineers at DEXA Solutions are involved. DEXA Solutions does not profit from the sale of the equipment directly, however, we will be the primary vendor involved in the deinstallation, move, and installation of the Bone Density Machine (other services are available upon request as well such as applications training).

Why may you want to go directly to the manufacturer or a refurbishing company for your Bone Density Machine purchase?

A private seller will most likely not be offering any type of warranty on your purchase (the manufacturer or a refurbishing company generally offer a one year warranty on their systems). However, you may consider trying to negotiate this with the private seller.

Private sellers are typically not going to be running the latest version of software. However, this is something that could be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a later time.

Refurbishing companies will typically install a new/refurbished x-ray tube into their Bone Density Machines. A private seller will most likely not spend the money to have this done. However, this is a service that can be negotiated. DEXA Solutions can assist with this service.

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If you are in the market for a used Bone Density Machine please contact us today for a free consultation. We will provide the answers to your questions that will enable you to make the best decision for your organization. 

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