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Equipment Repair

Dexa Solutions offers Bone Densitometer Repair services to help you get the most out of your investment

It is important to note that there are a variety of companies available to service your Bone Densitometer. The OEMs have always been a reliable source for service. Unfortunately, there has been some recent organizational changes that have led customers to look for another source for service.

Another source of frustration for many Bone Densitometer customers is the costs associated with service repairs. In regards to other Bone Densitometer repair companies you will find they too service a wide variety of imaging equipment. Their lack of Lunar Densitometer or Hologic Densitometer expertise leads to many visits to fix one problem, limited applications knowledge, and regulatory mistakes.

If you are interested in receiving expert level service, at a fraction of the cost, DEXA Solutions can help. Our trained experts provide service solutions for Lunar Densitometers and Hologic Densitometers . We will evaluate your problem, and recommend the best, and most affordable, options.

Lunar Densitometers Serviced by DEXA Solutions:

  • All "End of Life" Lunar Densitometers
  • DPX-L
  • DPX Alpha
  • DPX-IQ
  • Early model DPX-NT
  • Prodigy versions 1 and 2 (system ID's will be DF+1xxxx, DF+12xxx, RF+1xxxx, RF+12xxx, 1RDF+1xxxx, and 1RDF+12xxx
  • All Prodgy and Prodigy Advance Lunar Densitometers]
  • All DPX-NT, DPX-DUO, and DPX Bravo Lunar Densitometers
  • iDXA Lunar Densitometer

DEXA Solutions uses a variety of options to meet your Lunar Densitometer service needs.  For example, depending upon availability, you may choose to replace a component in your Lunar Densitometer with a used part or a new part.  We are here to help you make the decision that is best for your facility.

Please Contact Us to request a quote to service your Lunar Densitometer.